WIQ opens new doors of discovery for focus groups. Effective research groups engage people in a conversation. Effective research groups mine both the rational and emotional drivers. Effective research listens for clues that define future behaviors, decisions and choices.

WIQ is the world’s most effective listening platform for focus groups.

WIQ helps researchers grow new ears and new eyes.

WIQ is the first call by the world’s smartest researchers. These are the companies, who nearly every day, embrace WIQ’s research platform to mine internal and external consumer and B2B market intelligence. These same companies trust WIQ to conduct concept screening and communication testing.

WIQ mitigates one of research’s greatest challenges…the reality that people are notoriously bad at telling us the truth. WIQ unfailingly reveals ‘the truth.’

WIQ is aligned with the new world realities of research:

• The world of shrinking staffs
• The world of tighter budgets
• The world of ever increasing need for key insights
• The world of the need for more speed and smarter answers
• The world demanding new knowledge at the highest level, faster

WIQ connects ideas to insights to action.

WIQ is fully operable in four languages….English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

WIQ works…it’s fast; it reveals preferences and choices; it builds trust; it’s easy and it’s Socratic…just questions revealing answers.

Bring us your biggest challenge!