WIQ re-imagines team brainstorming and fixes broken meetings.

Unproductive meetings have become the #1 business problem in the world…as you’ve likely experienced too many times in your life.

Yet, we keep meeting because brainstorming and getting answers defines success or failure.

WIQ is the world’s first call, when finding team-sourced answers is the only option.

WIQ defeats the five factors that handicap meetings, block decisions and stifle brainstorming.

• Factor One…the lack of an agenda. Seems basic, but how many meetings have you gone to where there was no agenda? WIQ’s AGENDA tool is a compass that jumpstarts, navigates and ensures productive, “all-in” meetings.

• Factor Two…the failure to reach a consensus. Meetings are where decisions are taken. No decision = no results. WIQ’s four consensus tools (WIQ RATE, WIQ SELECT, WIQ SCORE and WIQ ALLOCATE) independently or together ensure decision alignment and the ability to ‘disagree but commit.’

• Factor Three…meetings dominated by one or two individuals. WIQ eliminates ego, fear, social pressures and silos. WIQ lets everyone contribute equally, ensuring decision making is collaborative and consensus driven.

• Factor Four…combative silos and cancerous mistrust. WIQ bridges silos. WIQ resolves and unites. WIQ builds actionable collaboration, bypassing historical issues and rebuilding trust.

• Factor Five…little or no follow-up. WIQ’s ACTION PLAN and CLOSURE suite aligns and memorializes decisions, priorities, dependencies and next steps.

With WIQ…meetings are shortened by 53%; productivity increased by 74% and brainstorming improved by 87%. WIQ allows everyone’s ideas to be heard and considered.

WIQ is driven by the new innovation paradigm of divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is the ability to see lots of possible answers. WIQ replaces 20th century linear thinking, with a lateral, divergent pathway of brainstorming. Fundamentally, WIQ allows teams to find multiple options with multiple answers, and then WIQ glues the group to an answer where ‘everyone is in.’

WIQ works…it’s easy…it’s questions revealing answers.

Bring us your biggest challenges!