Purchasing WIQ is simple and cost effective. Best of all, it’s flexible. Really flexible. You can purchase licenses to use WIQ for any size group and any different length of time.

Group Size Options
Weekly: 20 or more
Monthly: 10 or more
Annual: 10 or more
Subscription Lengths



WIQ is intuitive, easy to learn and even easier to use. Our #1 goal is that your first experience with WIQ is as positive and productive as possible.  

Private Label Implementations – the user interface of WIQ can be customized to meet your organization’s design needs.

Prospective Business Partners & Distributors – if you are a consultant or meeting facilitator and are interested in introducing WIQ to your clients, we are always interested in speaking with you. WIQ can be your proprietary “value add.” WIQ has a very compelling Business Partner program that empowers you to WIQ and/or re-sell the technology with your clients.

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