Banco Popular Dominicano

Business Need

Challenging Banco Popular Dominacano’s (BPD) marketing leadership was how to conduct 1,000 customer service interviews in two weeks, while overcoming the traditional social barriers that are prevalent in the Dominican Republic.

WIQ Solution

50 customer e-focus groups in 10 diverse communities were conducted.  Community school and library labs were used.  Many participants were not computer-literate.  College students were recruited who served as facilitators.  The customers listened to the question and gave the student their answer which was added real-time into the WIQ platform.  Approximately 73% of the participants could read at an elementary level and the facilitator read the answers as they appeared, while leading a vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences.

BPD was able to record (for the first time in its 50 year history) actual verbatim and customer experiences via WIQ, which led to an overhaul of their customer experience strategies.

BPD also used WIQ to redraft their institutional value statement.  Using WIQ’s survey tools, BPD first asked 7,000 employees to suggest their five most important values.  Aggregating the results, WIQ determined which were the ten most frequently cited values.  Those ten were resubmitted to the employee population, who then selected the five values that guide all of the bank’s decisions and customer outreach strategies.