ynSyte™ Connects It’s 1,000,000th Decision Collaborator

06/02/10 – Alexandria…ynSyte, the world leader the world’s leading decision collaboration software today announced that a long-time U.S. government client, holding concurrent meetings from six national locations, included the 1,000,000th connection of the WebIQ system.

Patricia C. Caporaso, ynSyte‘s President and CEO said, “WebIQ and its successor WIQ, once again demonstrated why they are the first choice in the international marketplace for collaborative decision software. Clients globally are trying to meet the challenges of these economic times by using WebIQ with a greater frequency than ever recognizing the cost savings, meeting efficiencies and ability to shatter the barriers that preclude companies from making faster, aligned decisions,”

Ms. Caporaso went on to note, “Today companies are all looking for strategies to accelerate their recovery. With no uncertainty collaboration is the key as well as more effective forecasting. We are confident that WIQ will continue to be the go-to choice in the near future. We designed these platforms to deliver faster results by incorporating technology that offers clients the capabilities of bypassing the hurdles that keep them from effective integrating multiple experiences, insights and ideas from teams in various locations.”

ynSyte has proven to be innovative institution’s first choice when teams (in any location) need to connect, accelerate the exchange of critical knowledge and infuse speed, agility and action into critical decisions. When teams need to find elusive answers. When teams need collaboration to achieve intelligent forecasting. And when a ‘get it done’ attitude is missing and decisions are getting harder to make because of emotions, egos, silos, confused logic, misplaced hope and culture barriers.

“With the introduction soon of WIQ, ynSyte will again demonstrate why it remains the pioneer in web-based organization transition technology that accelerates decision management. ynSyte’s platforms bridge knowledge, ideas, people and cultures…creating an environment for open, participative and aligned collaboration. We are seeing a high level of anticipation in the emergence of WIQ and we are not surprised since WIQ represents the next generation of collaborative decision technology,”concluded Ms. Caporaso.