We call our templates WIQLETs.  And we have a library of them.

WIQ templates become the frame for each session. Templates define the agenda. Clients can use their own templates or ask us to make recommendations, or use one of ours.

Think of a WIQLET as somebody else’s success story.

Current WIQLET titles available:

  • DecisionQuest – profiles a client’s institutional decision culture against seven decision cultures, identifies leadership/employee decision styles and reveals the gaps between leadership’s desired decision culture and how decisions are currently made within the organization.
  • TrustMetrics – measures mistrust/trust in any relationship; maps levels and sources of distrust against trust pillars; maps strategies to regain trust.
  • PrideMetrics – measures employee disengagement and the source of disengagement; maps strategies to create engagement and productivity.

If you are interested in learning more about our WIQLETs or are interested in having WQ publish your template in our library, please contact us at wiqlets@gowiq.com or give us a call.